Friday, October 31, 2014

Why Home is so Special

Home is where the heart is.
Is a House really a home when your loved ones is gone.

Home is so special to me because that is where I have most of my childhood memories.I have only lived in one house my whole life.I like to travel but I always get a feeling at the back of my head I want to go home and I miss my family.

Home is like a special place or country for you for example my home is New Zealand.Home is where you are comfortable.A home is a place where you share your memories.

But a home is where your family, your love, your memories are. A home is where stay and where you grew up there and you belong there.A home always feels different when someone is not there.

At the end of the day My Home is My Home because I know when I am Comfortable all the time because I am Home.A Home is where you longed to be.

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