Friday, May 30, 2014

Reading Reflection

I am Reading about a Boy his name is Jeremy.He loves to play Softball and plays for his local club.He thinks he is the worst player and that Jake is the best player.Jake always hits home runs.Jeremy is learning to Concentrate and keep his eye on the ball.Jeremy has never got a Homerun when he plays and has always swung and missed the ball.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Reflection on Reading

New Zealand’s own Marine Biologist Ingrid Visser had studied and swam with some of the killer whales and has even named some of them.She learnt how Killer Whales are dangerous and that they almost about eats everything they see in the range from Great White Shark to small fish.They can grow to over 7 feet long.Ingrid has a something so she can talk to them and how they behave in groups and when they are by them self.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Reflection on our Kindness Assembly

When we were doing our Assembly I learnt that kindness is not only acting friendly but is the meaning for many things.Kindness can be how you are nice to others and how you make their day or when you help a old lady cross the road.

Kindness to me is not only a virtue but is a way of life because like how Jesus lived his for the fullest of others.Living in kindness is like following in the footsteps of Jesus.Kindness is like being fair to others and giving then the respect they need.

Making our Island (Kindness) Mat

We were Learning how to make a Tongan Mats.We change them into Kindness Mats for our Assembly because we were working on how to show kindness to others.Every class got to weave one part of the School kindness mat.We started by using A3 coloured paper and you have to get one end of the long side and fold 5cm.Then you cut strips that are 3cm wide.Then you get a black strips that are 3cm wide and you put them in and out of your coloured can change it up by put out then in and you will get a Mat like colourful checker board.the extra's you will need are Scissors,Glue and a ruler to measure the length.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Kindness Acrostic Poem

K-K is for Knowing,Knowing what is right or wrong.

I-I is for intention,doing everything with good intention.

N-N is for nice,the nice things you can do to people that will make their day.

D-D is for Dynamic,bringing a Dynamic attitude whenever we are at Home or at School.

N-N is for Numerous, for the numerous times we have attempted to change our cruel ways.

E-E is for Effort, Having the effort to change our ways and looking after our world.

S-S is for Sense, having a sense of when to act right or wrong.

S-S is for Sensible, being sensible at all times.

R.E Reflection on John 14:1-12

I learnt that God is in Jesus and that Jesus’s Disciples have seen God because he is in Jesus.I also know that there are many room’s in his Father’s house and that if I live a life with the virtue of kindness .When Jesus is The Way,The Truth and The Life I think that the only way you can get close to Jesus is by following in his Footsteps.

Friday, May 16, 2014

R.E Prayer

Dear Holy Spirit I thank you for helping me throughout my life.I thank that you are always beside me through the hard I have experience.I thank that you blessing those around the world like the poor and the sick.I thank that you fill everyone with the love and kindness that you have with God.Amen.

Friday, May 9, 2014

My Learning Goals- Writings

My Writing Goal are Based on how I did in My E-Asttle Test for Explanation Writing.

My Goals for Term-2 in Writing are

1)To have more of my Ideas be Complex by thinking to get better at Ideas instead of having Simple Ideas

2)To be more organised in what I right to improve my Organisation by organising my writings and making it fit.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Explanation Writing about why I want to go to Sacred Heart

I want to go there Firstly because my brothers have previously attended there and they came out with a good Learning Education.

I want to go to Sacred Heart to continue my Catholic Schooling because it is a part of my family tradition. My brothers have previously

I want to go to Sacred Heart to have a good education from my Learning to my Sports, I would like to have a good experience towards different Nationalities in Sacred Heart.

My third for going to Sacred Heart is to get an good education that can help me understand the importance of life!  Furthermore I would like to go to Sacred Heart so that I can become the best I can be!.

Cousin's Birthday

Waking up full of excitement and energy because I had been waiting to visit my cousins. It felt like I hadn’t seen them in years for some reason.

The Birthday plan was to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 3D at Imax Cinemas on Queen St. We had to reschedule to a later viewing of the movie because my Aunty and Uncle arrived late.

We had Yum Cha for lunch to fill in time before the movie started.
My Favourite dishes at Yum Cha were BBQ Pork and Sweet and Sour Pork, to top it all off with a mini Ice-Cream ball. My Favourite Parts in the movie were the showdown between Spider-Man and Electro and the different OsCorp suits.

My day was Awesome Meeting up with Cousin’s and celebrating a Birthday. I got to watch Spider-man’s latest movie and eat at  new restaurant .