Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Level 5

1.  Anna ate ¼, Jack ate ⅜ and Pete ate ⅛ of a banana cake.
Show or explain how to work out how much cake they ate altogether.
they ate 6 8ths altogether because Jack and pete ate 4 8ths and anna ate 8th

2. Dan and Mere were given a cupcake each.  And ate ⅘ of his and Mere ate ⅔ of hers.
Show or explain how to work out how much cupcake they ate altogether.
They ate 6 eighths out of two cupcakes


a.   Mansfield started the day on 75 points. Someone lost 100 points for not being in correct school uniform but got 20 points for all doing their homework.
How many points does Mansfield have now?  They now have -5 points

Bracken started the day on -47 points. They got 60 points for someone helping others in class, but lost 25 points for someone else swearing.
How many points does Bracken have  They have points remaining

c.  Hislop started the day on 15 points. They got -25 points for someone putting others down in class but earned 80 points for cleaning up the classroom.
How many points does Hislop have now?   They now 70 points

d.   Marsden started the day on 12 points. Someone gave his teacher a note explaining why he didn't have his correct school uniform on yesterday. The teacher decided to subtract the -75 points she had given him yesterday for not being in uniform.
How many points does Marsden have now?   They now have 87 points

Write down the percentage each item was reduced by.

i)    Shirts that were $39.95 but on sale are $19.95 have been reduced by
ii)   Jackets that were $79.95 but on sale are $63.95 have been reduced by
iii)  Trousers that were $69.95 but on sale are $62.95 have been reduced by

On the final day of the sale, another 20% was taken off the sale price. What is the final day sale price of trousers?

Level 4 Division

a.  Show how you could divide 298 trolleys equally between 4 shop
I did 298 divided into 4 to make 74.5 I know that can’t half toy but each shop will get 74 toy with 4 left over

I did 600 divided by 6 equals 100 each and then I did 24 divided into 6 equals 4 with 5 remaining with 104 tricycles going to each shop

C.   Show how you could divide 567 robots equally between 8 shops.
I  know that 560 divided into 8 is 70 so the 8 shops with 70 robots with 7 remaining

D.   Show how you could divide 347 aeroplanes equally between 7 shops.
I know that 7 x 50 = 350  then I take 7 away so it 7 x 49 = 343
Now I know 7 x 49 =343  with 4 remaining

I am able to solve level 4 Dvision

Level 3 Addition and Subtraction

1.  Maraea is saving to buy a cat.  In 3 weeks she has saved $9, $56 and $72.
Show how to work out how much she has saved altogether.

2.  Tom saves his money each month to buy a dog.  In 4 months he has saved $36, $78, $203, and $123.  Show how to work out how much he has saved al together.

3.   Te Ao is saving to buy a horse.  So far she has saved $17, $160, $72, and $148.  Show how to work out how much she has saved altogether.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Swimming Pool

My First time in the pool  this term was a really good experience for me and the water was also nice and warm,we started when Mrs Tui told us to streamline to the other but I was picked last with Leone.

But when I did it Leone accidentally hit me in the face because I swam too close but I was ok,then we were asked to do freestyle  I just knew a little about it .

I tried my best and got to the other side of the pool in two swims but I impressed by myself that I could because I thought I never could do that.

By the time we were finished I not only learned one way for swimming I had learned a lot technique for swimming.