Friday, August 1, 2014

Expressive Writing

If I could play in the NFL. That would be a Gigantic or the best dream come true.Since growing up the main Sports in my family was American Football because of my Dad.He played for a Team called Metro Lions who are part of the AFA(American-Football-Auckland) My Dad was a Former player who played for 14 years.

But he gave up playing due to the lack of Coaching Staff later he became a Coach in the late 90’s and is now currently the President.Metro Lions were founded by Stowers Family.The Reason why I want to play is because it is not only my dream but is my family tradition.

My Favourite Position is Quaterback because I like to throw the ball and I think I can throw it pretty Far.My Favourite team is the Seattle Seahawks and Favourite player is Russell WIlson who is the Quaterback of the team.I want to play for the Metro Lions when I am 15yrs Old for the Juniors which are the Under 16’s.

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