Thursday, April 3, 2014

E-Asttle Writing-Good friend explanation

A good friend is someone you support you or supportive in what someone does because if were really someones good friend you can be helpful,caring and trustworthy of that one or many people.

A Good friend to me is someone who can take of you when you are feeling down,to be a Good friend your friends don't have to depend on you if they are stuck because you are there and you can help fix in whatever they need.For example if you are stuck in maths you can help them by showing them some strategies to work out the problem,Good friends do good because they have good they don't do bad because they are good friends and they don't have bad in them because you they loyal to and she/he are loyal to them in a way like if them or you are getting bullied them or you would stand up them and tell the bullies to pick on someone their size and give comfort,Good friends don't always have to help you because they can in many different ways not just to but to other people like if they are in society and elderly person has fallen down you can be a good friend of your good friend can help them up because that is my knowledge about being a good friend or what a good friend can be.

My understanding now of a good friend is he/she you can talk to if you have trouble at home like if you are speaking to your mum about school
because good friends can sit down have chat and they leave your side until they find a way to help or if they suggest to him/her so they can do something about it.You can tell if people are good friend because they are willing to do anything and even to one another's enemies and people they don't like,Good friends are people who like their enemies and that even support them if they even need help and some even enemies support you or your good friends so that means to me that anyone can be your good even if it's your worst enemy.

This is my E-Asttle test Writing Term-1 My Results is 2P

My Results
My Goals
For next term I want improve my ideas so I can be at 4P
I want to keep try to get a better writing Structure in my learning
This year I want to Organise my writing so it can make sense
I want to get better at my Vocabulary
I want at least have good Complex sentences by the end of the year
I want to get better at my Punctuation
I want to be able to spell not everyday words

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