Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Holidays

In the School Holidays was super awesome for me,I’d got to play a real game of American Football and Celebrated my Birthdays in the holidays.Firstly it was the Gridiron game.I Was told to gear up because the Juniors did not have enough players,unfortunately they had 10 players turn up but elven it the amount of players you are required to have to play a a American Football game.I was so excited it was my second game of gridiron I had ever played,but when the game started I did not have that exciting feeling any more i had a different change of tone.The game was now furious,kick off bang! the ball went flying in the sky people were flying at each other like if they were ramming their heads against one another,by half time Metro Lions were beating the South Auckland Raiders 21-0 with bumps and bruises,by the end of the game we had won 49-14 it was all over even if people flying everywhere we had accomplished what we had set for,The other happy part of my holiday was my birthday. We went to bowling and the Hoyt's cinema's on queen street in town,I invited friends and Family to come join which they did,Bowling was a awesome experience but I came second to my older brother.We were now off to the cinema's to watch anchorman 2 it was funny comedy starring actor's such as Will Ferrell,Paul Rudd, and Steve Carrell,by end of the movie it was a epic night for me and my holidays

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