Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kayaking at Orakei Basin

At Kayaking I had a awesome Experience,It had been my second time to  Kayak,We were split into 2 groups,year 7&8 but 2 year 7's were included in the year 8 which was Sefesi and me.Year had to walk around the Basin while the year 7's went Kayaking near the shore.

We Jogged around the long Basin that nearly took us  1 whole hour,by time our little Group(John,Jordan) got back it was almost time for the year 7's to get out.

we started of with a game,we had to grab the paddle to the side of us,Unfortunately I was Eliminated but was a awesome game.Finally we pushed the boats out and went Kayaking, The highlight of my day was going out kayaking and having a awesome time.

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