Friday, June 14, 2013

Description of My Father

My Father

My Father Eugene is medium height with long black and white hair. he is  a medium build with dark brown eyes, as well as being a neat and clean person,

He is an inspiration in my life.  he likes to teach new stuff in sports and new ways to work out some of my homework when he has the time to help.he is a unselfish man who likes to include people when they are feeling down and being sad.

My dad is a person who loves his sports such as American Football,Basketball,and
Rugby league,when it comes to sports he is already cheering for favourite team

My Dad is a man who is always happy and friendly while always trying to make everybody laugh, but I think my Dad is one of the best Dad in the world because he support my whole family in what they do he also motivates us to try new things, But I love my Dad and I wouldn't ask for better Dad ever.

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