Thursday, March 21, 2013


        Tuesday 12th March

Yeah! It’s time for the triathlon training practice for rooms’ 7 and 6. It was going to be a great for me, this was the first time I did something like this ever. A triathlon event involves three sport events with everyone racing and competing against each other. Our events included biking, running and swimming. I was so excited! Everyone from both classes ran to the field and lined up.

We started off with biking (or what's known as transition). Lance and Adrian were our instructors for the biking event, we picked up our helmet and put it on and waited for instructions. The instructors said take your helmet off then do three star jumps, we did it five times with no rest it was very tiring. Feeling exhausted I pushed myself to keep going.

Our next event was running next. I wanted to jog and pace myself. I stayed at the back to run with some others. While we were running with Bret and Blair,  Bret split us into two teams randomly.There was team 1 and team 2, both teams competed against each other. First off we ran around the flags. Everyone was getting tired.

The last event for our triathlon was swimming. Everyone was really tired from just doing two events.
Today we didn’t do swimming. The day was fun but tiring at the same time. We finished of by doing some obstacle course they gave us. We said thank you to our team and instructors then ran to our class. Our day was fun out there. I really enjoyed my first experience at practicing for a triathlon.

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