Monday, August 8, 2011

Ezra's Holidays

On Saturday it was my Grandma and Grandpa’s birthday. First of all my Dad was yelling to hurry up and get ready because I woke up late. So I got ready and we went to Long Bay that’s where all the family were meeting for the birthday. The first thing when we got there to was play touch. Me and my brother’s team won at touch. I felt good to win it was a fun game. Later on the family came and we had lunch, I had some chicken and some rice to eat. In the afternoon my Dad said we could have a swim. My brother shouted “last one there doesn't get a chocolate!” lucky I was in front of my brother I came second so I was lucky my sister came last that was sad because she missed out on chocolate. After fifteen minutes we had to go, the time was 4.30pm my Dad said the family were meeting for dinner at Valentines but before we went my Dad said we had basketball at 6.00pm when got there I started shooting some Hoops, but I missed some and I got some in. Then the started we had a full court we go play there because my Dad’s friend is the owner of it. My team won. The people in my team was me, my two brothers and my Dad. The time was 7.45pm. as soon as we got to Valentines I started eating the food, I was starving. It was nice being with my family and eating lots of food, but at 8.30pm my Dad said we had to go. I was full. When we got home I had a shower before I went bed and I was exhausted. I had a nice comfy sleep after such a cool day.


  1. A grandma and grandpa is birthday and it is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so long ezra and i like the way that you got the full stop and the captal letter and do you know that Richie is in starship hospital and i like the way that your the best writing in the wrold and i like the way your the one only you got the right thing in the room and i like the way your the one who's doing the right thing and i like what you are doing i like the way that you and do you know what you know what we should do i am joshua in your school and i like your story the end i like your story and goodbye i am in room 4.

  2. Hi Ezra,
    Nice holidays story
    Keep it up.


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