Monday, May 30, 2011

Embellishment Story

In the holidays on Saturday my Mum and Dad were shouting at us to hurry up because my parents were to take us out to MacDonald's for breakfast.
After we got breakfast we went to my aunties because we were going to take my cousins out to the movies. First of all we went to go get some stuff just in case anybody got thirsty or hungry. So we were on our way and Mum took the wrong turn and all of us were wondering ‘does she need a map or something?’. She then told us we were going to go to Rainbow’s End.

The first ride we went on was the power surge, than we went on the fear fall, it hurt my leg when it stopped. After we went to go get some things to eat and the ride we went on was the roller coaster. I was the only to stay on it twice and than the time was 3o’clock. My Mum said we have to go because we had to drop off my cousins at their house. When we got home I had a shower and had a fantastic nap.

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  1. Hi Ezra I think you had an great day at the Rainbow End how was the first ride on the roller coaster. You had an great day Ezra.


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